Power Quality Services

Listed are the power quality services we offered at power quality services. Further description of the listed items is below

Power Quality Survey

A power quality survey is carried out to establish the load and consumption profile, power factor, harmonic distortion, voltage dips or surges and cost effective efficiency improvements for a low voltage supply.

Business demand generates inefficiencies of the power demand which have a significant impact to the failure rate of electrical equipment and electricity costs. This service can provide solutions to reduce electricity costs with equipment which provides a payback time.

PQIS UK Power quality survey 2020.JPG

Power Factor Correction Maintenance

The maintenance of power factor correction units should be carried out annually.

This includes the testing of capacitor output, control circuit operation, the connection tightness check of components and conductors. The effect the unit has on the power factor to the connected supply is checked to ensure supply adaptations have not affected the suitability of the equipment.

Once completed a report is providing detailing each power factor correction unit maintained, any repairs made and recommendations where possible for the equipment or power quality.

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