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Reactor used in detuned PFC units. The requirement of reactors within power factor correction equipment is a result of the presence of high levels of harmonic distortion of intended supply.

High harmonic distortion of low voltage systems is caused by the demand on non-linear loads connected to the supply.

Reactors ZEZ SILKO are manufactured from high grade transformer sheets, aluminum bands and copper wires. Thanks to this feature, reactors have a high linearity and low losses. Vacuum impregnation by a special resin provides high voltage stress, minimum noise and long lifetime. Reactors are equipped with thermal protection to prevent overheating, winding outlets are terminals (Cu wire) or flat busbars (Al band)

25KVAR Reactor 400V 50Hz

SKU: RC1019
    • Frequency range: 189Hz ,134Hz
    • Nominal Voltage: for network 400V, for capacitor 440V
    • Nominal Inductance: 12.5~100Kvar
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