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Simatic Net Dvd V8.1 delajere




simatic net cd v7.1 simatic net dvd v8.1 installation manual simatic net cd v7.1 installation manual simatic net dvd v8.1 sis driver simatic net cd v7.1 sis driver simatic net dvd v8.1 software setup simatic net cd v7.1 software setup simatic net dvd v8.1 system requirement simatic net cd v7.1 system requirement References External links Category:SIMATIC productsPhaseolus vulgaris (common bean) is the world's most widely consumed legume and a primary source of dietary protein for over one billion people in Latin America and Asia. The species is also used as a model system for investigating the molecular mechanisms underlying the complex processes of flowering, pod development, and plant architecture. Our long-term goal is to identify the genetic and molecular factors that drive these processes, so that the knowledge gained can be used to develop beans of improved yield and nutritional quality. Recent advances in beans genomics have revealed that the species has a large and complex genome, the largest known for any diploid crop plant, and it has undergone substantial and rapid changes during its evolution. A small number of genes have undergone dramatic changes in expression patterns and sequences during the speciation of the *P. vulgaris* and *P. coccineus* species. Our specific objective is to identify and characterize these candidate genes. Our approach is to use advanced genomics technologies to create a genomic survey of the genes that drive bean speciation and to correlate gene expression with patterns of plant architecture, flowering time, pod and seed development, and response to nutritional and environmental factors. We will use cDNA microarrays to identify genes that are differentially expressed in wild and cultivated beans. Subsequently, we will use a whole-genome shotgun approach to identify and clone these candidate genes, using information from cDNA sequences to guide our effort. In addition to the above, we will develop rapid methods for genetic mapping of the bean genome. Finally, we will validate these genes by creating bean strains of reduced and/or increased expression of these genes and determine their effect on plant architecture and yield-related traits. It is our expectation that these studies will ultimately provide insights into the molecular mechanisms that drive plant architecture and yield-related traits in beans. Ultimately, these insights




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