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Electricity Bill Power Factor Below 0.95?

Power Quality Improvement Services Ltd. Manufacture, install and maintain power factor correction equipment and provide power quality surveys to reduce electricity costs for business.

Prices of our power factor correction units, capacitors and components can be found on our 'PFC Equipment and services' page. For maintenance and repair services please complete the form on the contact page and an engineer will respond.

Significant electricity consumption and maximum demand reductions can be achieved with a power factor above 0.98 on the electricity supply for your business.

We aim for a payback time of less than 2 years for all power factor correction equipment that we recommend from savings made on energy bills, in most cases this is much less.

PQIS provide customers with power quality surveys, which include recommendations of how to improve power factor and electrical efficiency.

This service is also used by electrical engineers to fault find, detect inefficiencies and transients of low voltage electrical systems.


We also are suppliers of the power quality analysers used to conduct surveys and fixed power monitoring devices for low voltage switchgear which can be used to determine the power quality and electrical values achieved of a site.

PQIS supply power capacitors, reactors, relays, controllers and other products used in power factor correction and harmonic filtration. We have selected components and processes to supply our customers with products and services of the highest quality, reliability at a price which is cost effective.

To discover how your business can reduce energy costs and reduce carbon emissions through an improved electrical efficiency, Contact Power Quality Improvement Services Ltd.

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PQIS PFC Manufacture and Installation Li

Professional and experienced electrical engineers with extensive experience of power quality projects

How Power Factor Correction Equipment Reduces Electricity Costs

Power factor correction provided by Power Quality Improvement Services will reduce:

  • Maximum Demand (KVA)

  • Electrical System Losses (KW)

  • Reactive Power (KVAr)

Installing power factor correction will eliminate any reactive charges applied to your electricity bill and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

Costs related to premature electrical equipment failure caused by poor factor can also be eliminated.

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