PFC Equipment & Services

Listed below is the PQIS range of power factor correction equipment. For bespoke designs, connection entry methods, ventilation requirements and international delivery complete the contact form.


Capacitors, contactors, reactors, fuses, PFC controllers, relays, fans, filters, power quality monitoring devices and other power quality accessories are available to buy online on this page.

It is now also possible to pay online for power factor correction maintenance or a power quality survey in the services section below. An engineer will contact once prompted to arrange your service. 

Power Factor Correction Equipment

Power factor correction units listed are designed and manufactured by PQIS. Correctly specified and connected to a low voltage electrical system PQIS Power factor correction equipment will accurately, reliably and consistently achieve a good power factor for the supply.

To select PFC unit size, isolation type and to view the equipment specification click on the required item below.

Power Factor Correction Capacitors 

Power factor correction capacitors supplied by PQIS provide a reliable and consistent KVAR output.

PQIS supply power capacitors of all output ranges and voltages. Our low voltage power capacitors listed below can be purchased online, for any other capacitor enquiries please use the contact form or details.

All our three phase power capacitors are easily mounted and connected within PFC equipment.

Power Factor Correction Contactors

These contactors are used in power factor correction equipment to switch in the stages of capacitance by the PFC controller.

Contactors supplied by PQIS are fitted with the correct surge protection required when switching PFC capacitors.

We supply a range of contactors for different capacitor ratings and 110V-400V control switching. 

Low Voltage Fuses and Fuse Bases

Listed below are the low voltage power fuses and fuse bases which are commonly found in power factor correction units.

For any power fuses you require which are not listed please use the contact form or details.

Power Factor Correction Relays

The power factor correction controllers supplied by PQIS can be supplied by 110V-400V and have a variety of features which allow for fan and alarm switching alongside the capacitance switching in reaction to the power factor achieved by the supply.

These controllers also display a comprehensive overview of the supply power quality including KW, KVA, KVAR and harmonic distortion, very useful information for onsite engineers.

We also supply relays used in the control circuits of PQIS power factor correction units.

CA Power Quality Monitoring Devices

PQIS recommend using Chauvin Arnoux monitoring devices for accurate and reliable power quality data.

The power quality analyser we supply can be used to view and record all power values of a low voltage supply and used with the  Dataview software included to produce comprehensive power quality reports. This includes power factor and harmonic profile values. We use these analysers to produce PQIS power quality reports.

The fixed monitoring device, installed to the switchgear will provide a comprehensive power quality overview of a supply, will record min/max values and can also be connected to software via ethernet so the supply can be monitored remotely. We recommend installing one of these for every business incoming power supply so efficiency can be ensured and supply issues can be investigated.

Power Factor Correction Services

Listed below are power quality services provided by PQIS.

Power factor correction maintenance will ensure equipment is operating correctly, safely, providing its rated capacitance output and ensuring a good power factor is achieved and consistent for the connected power supply.

A power quality survey will include a comprehensive report of power values achieved for a business electricity supply and recommendations of where cost effective efficiency improvements can be made. This will include a load profile, harmonic distortion and power factor achieved for the supply. This service can be used to profile the load of a system, specify power quality equipment and fault find.