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Used for 100KVAR PFC Stage protection.


200A 500V LV-Fuse-Link with Knife contacts

200A 500V NH1 Fuse

SKU: FB1028
  • Manufacturer SIBA  
    Type of fuse fuse  
    Fuse characteristics gG  
    Breaking capacity 120kA  
    Current rating 200A  
    Rated voltage  440V DC, 500V AC  
    Kind of fuse ceramic, industrial  
    Fuse size NH1  
    Fuses features fuse blown indicator  
    Power dissipation 15W  
    F dimension 14mm  
    Weight 440g  
    A1 dimension 135mm  
    B1 dimension 20mm  
    C1 dimension 40mm  
    E1 dimension 51.5mm  
    E2 dimension 42mm  
    A5 dimension 65mm  
    E4 dimension 6mm
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