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Split core transformers designed for installation into existing plants where removal of busbars/cable lugs prevent installation of standard current transformers. To measure a.c primary currents and produce a proportional secondary current signal.

Used to provide input for power factor correction controller in PFC equipment.

Class 1 Multi-Tap Split Core Measuring Current Transformer

SKU: C015
  • • 63mm dia cable aperture

    • Housing Material Self extinguishing Nylon IEC185 classification VO according to UL-94

    • Weight : 0.95Kg


    CT Ratio Connections
    A Terminals
    200/5A S2 + S3
    400/5A S2 + S4
    600/5A S1 + S2
    800/5A S1 + S3
    1000/5A S1 + S4
    Class 1, 5A Secondary  


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