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In addition to the energy management and supervision functions of a classic power monitor, the ENERIUM300 can be used for detailed analysis of electrical power quality. The ENERIUM300 ensures that the main electrical quantities comply with the EN50160 reference standard template, which is customizable. The ENERIUM300 records and time/date-stamps the events combining voltage dips, outages and surges, enabling the phenomena occurring on the network to be identified later, backed by the waveform recording. The built-in Ethernet output enables remote use and operation of the product.



  • Monitoring of compliance with the EN50160 standard
  • Detection of voltage dips and surges
  • Waveform capture on events
  • Harmonic analyses
  • Class 0.2s

ENERIUM 300 Ethernet power monitor

SKU: CH005
    • Monitoring of compliance of the following electrical quantities with the EN50160 template (or customizable template): frequency, phase-neutral voltages per phase, phase-phase voltages per phase, voltage unbalance, phase-neutral voltage THD per phase, phase-phase voltage THD per phase, harmonic levels from the 2nd to the 25th orders on phase-neutral and phase-phase voltages per phase.
    • Time/date stamped recording of the last 1,024 voltage events: Voltage dips, surges and outages defined in the EN50160 standard, plus other event combinations such as outages with prior dips (frequently encountered in many applications).
    • Possible customization of event duration (very brief outage, brief outage, long outage, etc.).
    • Waveform recording: 8 waveform captures on U, V, I and In with configurable pre-and post-recording. Recording can be triggered manually or can be linked to an event or alarm. Accuracy of 64 counts per network cycle (50/60Hz) makes it possible to record even the briefest phenomena.
    • Active energy accuracy class: 0.2s (EN 62053-22) / 0.2 (IEC 61557-12)
    • Measurement accuracy:  Voltage 0.2 % (from 20 % to 130 %) / Current: 0.2 % (from 10 % to 130 %)
    • Max. measured power: 2 GW (VT ≤ 650 kV primary / CT ≤ 25 kA primary)
    • Measurement on all 4 quadrants (Import / Export)
    • Measurement on single and three-phase networks (3/4 wires, balanced / unbalanced)
    • Measurement functions (see detailed table): instantaneous (1 sec.), average (programmable), min., max., min. of averages, max. of averages
    • Measurement of the harmonics up to the 50th order (with graphical representation per order) and THD-U / V / I / In
    • Hour meters: 3 (network presence, load presence, aux. source)
    • Customizable graphical screen (up to 3 as required) with display of Fresnel diagram and histograms per harmonic order
    • 16 configurable alarms and time/date-stamped Recordings of up to 64 events
    • Metrological LED
    • 8 load curves (average values) on all types of utilities (electricity, water, gas, etc.)
    • 1 trend curve triggered by instantaneous or average values of the electrical parameters or analog inputs
    • Mounting: on front panel or DIN rail
    • Configuration of all the parameters: on front panel (USB link) or using remote communication
    • Possibility of upgrading the firmware on front panel or remotely
    • Indication of connection errors
    • Auxiliary power supply: 80 to 265 Vac from 42.5 to 69 Hz / 110 to 375 Vdc
    • Operating temperature: -10° C to +55° C (K55 as per IEC 61557-12)
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