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Universal busbar support 3-pole with internal screw holes for busbars 12, 15, 20, 25, 30 x 5, 10.

Allows for fuse base connection to fuse base. Ideal for power factor correction equipment manufacture and other low voltage distribution applications.

Wohner 3 Pole Busbar Support 60mm System

SKU: C018
  • Electrical data

    Rated voltage (IEC) AC: 690 V

    Power dissipation: The power dissipation at a typical load of 80% of the rated current results to 0 W. (The power dissipation for operation with rated current would be 0 W.)

    Rated surge voltage Uimp : 8 kV max. permitted voltage (IEC) AC: 1000 V max. permitted voltage (IEC) DC: 1500 V short-circuit capacity IEC / EN : Ipk = min. 31kA (2 busbar supports in 580mm distance) go to calculation for 3-pole system (IEC)

    Mechanical data

    W x H x D: 20 x 191 x 50

    Weight: 12.7 kg/100

    Poles: 3-pole

    for busbars: 12, 15, 20, 25, 30 x 5, 10

    Material properties

    Main body: temperature stability 125°C, self-extinguishing in acc. to UL 94, creepage resistance CTI 200, halogen-free

    Screws: screw +/- (PZ2), galvanized, chromized


    Torque for the screws of the busbar support Md = 4Nm

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