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Active Harmonic Filter and Static VAR Generator Unit

Active Harmonic Filter and Static VAR Generator Unit commissioned by PQIS today. It was identified in a PQIS power quality survey that the THD-I and the power factor achieved on the supply was poor, following the failure of multiple VSD units connected to the supply. These are driving motors used in an effluent process system.

AHF - SVG Unit Controller Display illustrating a power factor improvement from 0.86 to 0.99 with the unit operating under full load conditions. Achieving a 10% reduction in KVA maximum demand.

AHF - SVG Unit Controller Display illustrating reduction in THD-I and RMS Current achieved with the equipment in circuit. Under usual demand conditions of the supply the harmonic distortion achieved is 54% which is reduced to <7%. We will be providing a case study of this project with the original analysis of the LV supply made a few months ago with regular peaks beyond 60%. A 15% reduction in grid current will also likely achieve a significant KW loss reduction of the distribution.

Skinning effect. Heat damage caused to distribution conductors caused by harmonic distortion. The damage caused to the bus bars of this site is significant, extreme cases can result in neutrals conductors burning out, repeat operation of MCCB's etc.

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