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PQIS Ltd. History

I thought it would be best starting this blog with a little about myself, Denis Rudd and how we have worked together over the last 13 years to deliver power quality projects and this company.

In 2005, I started my career at PQE Ltd as an apprentice of Denis Rudd and John Foster in electrical engineering, very much like our services today we delivered the services manufacturing, maintaining, repairing and installing power factor correction equipment and harmonic filters. I was offered a position at PES in 2009 who again did the same where firstly I manufactured and installed before becoming a service engineer of power quality equipment.

In this time PQE Ltd went into administration, though Denis Rudd setup PQIS and carried on delivering products and services to the customers of PQE. I started a position at Jaguar Land Rover as a maintenance electrician doing 4 on, 4 off shifts. On the four days off I work for Denis and PQIS delivering power supply monitoring and analysis, installation, repairs, maintenance services and reports, as much because I am genuinely interested in the work and love working with Denis.

With thoughts of semi-retiring Denis has asked me to produce this company and over the last several years I have spent a lot of time researching about business, power quality, the organizations and companies who work with or require PFC equipment, harmonic filters and power quality analysis. Over the last few years I have spent much time producing an efficient business structure and plan and in the last 12 months feel I have completed a fully working and presentable business profile. In the last few years a good friend, colleague and very competent electrical engineer Ross has been working with me on many projects and is gaining good experience in this field as is Natalie who now does the administration.

I hope I can carry on helping this business grow the way we always have through professional and dedicated work and even further now I have finally got my head around marketing online.

I thank Denis for all the opportunities he has given me over the years and for all the laughs and great times we've had working on the projects (I will be keeping him as tempted as possible for as long as possible to not hit the recliner yet though lol). I don't think many people enjoy their work but I always have working with Den. :)

Michael Gerrard

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