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PQIS PFC Manufacture and Installation project - Plastics Manufacturer in Liverpool

Three De-tuned power factor correction units installed on three LV supplies for a plastic manufacturing company. This has dramatically affected the power factor of each supply and is making significant power and cost reductions to each.

The short video below is of the supply power monitoring equipment as stages of capacitance are switched into circuit. Near elimination of the reactive power (KVAr) and a reduced maximum demand (KVA) are shown.

The graph below is the power quality monitoring data of another supply of the site. The spike in the graph is a brief period where the capacitance output of the PFC equipment was switched in and out of circuit.

Significant reductions are made to the reactive power and maximum demand which will improve the electrical environment for equipment connect to the LV supply. The power factor improvement will reduce related failures and consumption as well as costs through KVA, KVAr and additional KW losses.

All low voltage power supplies of this site are achieving a consistent power factor of 0.98 now the two 250KVAr De-tuned and one 350KVAR De-tuned power factior correction units have been installed.

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