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PQIS Power factor correction unit manufacture

Power factor correction equipment for a chemical manufacturer in Yorkshire, England. A range of sizes between 200 KVAR and 400 KVAr to improve the power factor, replace existing failed, obsolete PFC for seven low voltage supplies onsite.

These units have been made to suit the specific requirements of the site with various cable entry points and isolation methods.

This PFC equipment will significantly increase capacity (KVA) of the site via the reduction in maximum demand, reduce consumption (KW) via KW loss reduction of the system and eliminate reactive charges (KVAR) applied to the electricity bills.

We initially visited the manufacturing site to establish the number of transformers and low voltage distribution boards of the site.

The PFC equipment installed had failed, some quite spectacularly which was beyond cost effective repair. The site was the re-visited with power quality analysers to connect to each incoming LV supply.

The data from the weeks monitoring (an image from the analysis is above) was used to correctly specify new power factor correction equipment and the order was placed for manufacture.

The equipment was then delivered, installed and connected to each allocated supply of the site to achieve the electrical and cost reductions which were advised in the

summary (illustration below) in the power quality report provided following the monitoring and analysis.

Our products and services provide business with a cost effective solution to reduce electricity costs.

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Peng Richard
Peng Richard
Apr 20, 2020

Do you have some equipment to solve harmonic problem? Like APF?

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